Tuesday, January 22, 2013

wicked awesome samplers & a giveaway!

Love a good love story?
Want to get lost in a great fantasy read or historical romp?
Enjoy mindbending futuristic tales?  

We have a sampler for you...

Four amazing samplers! FREE!

Best-selling books. Best-selling authors.

Contemporary - Science-fiction - Historical - Fantasy

But this isn’t all about us. 
This is about you, the reader, finding books you love to read.

Just click on the pictures for your free download!

             To celebrate the release of the samplers, we're giving away free books!
This giveaway ends soon, so enter now!

Four winners will win the ebook of their choice from any sampler.

1. Download your FREE samplers today and enjoy the experience.
2. Fill out the rafflecopter form for a chance to win!
3. If the book is already free, you'll receive the second book in the series!                               

Enter now!!!

Thanks! And enjoy!


  1. I love historical fiction, but I'm in for a good love story, too!

  2. contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, and love stories are some of the genre that I like (:

  3. Those samplers are such a fantastic idea :-)

  4. The samplers are a great idea. I may try it myself. Best of luck with the comp!

  5. What a cool idea to team up like this! Love it!!! :D

  6. My current favorite genre is fantasy (Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin) with sci fi second.


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