With Relator, Positivity, Maximizer and Communication all in her Top 5 Clifton Gallup Strengths, Ali's built for teaching. She has the unique ability to make even the most complex topics understandable and every student heard. She's a regular speaker at industry events, and is able to speak on many topics related to writing craft, publishing and marketing. Below, is a sampling of the classes I teach.

Do you have a specific topic in mind? Ali's more than happy to develop a presentation just for your group, on the topic that's important to you.

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Become a Plot Jedi with Save the Cat

2 hrs

Creating a story with many layers and characters with different needs and motivations can result in a brilliant and compelling story—but the getting there can be more than a little challenging. Kinda like trying to make a ship rise out of a swamp when you can’t even levitate.

Let me be your Yoda and show you the way!

The Secret Genres that Can
Turn Your Book into Gold

1 hr

Think you know what genre your story is? I bet it’s more than what you think! Screenwriter guru Blake Snyder, of Save the Cat fame, identified ten story genres that will have you changing the way you think and the way you write.


We’ll discuss each story type using books you’ve read and movies you’ve seen to insure you write the best book possible. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, these ten genres will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own story, empowering you to write the next blockbuster novel. 

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Cute Girl

Question the Premise

1 hr

You should create and keep a social media calendar. You should write every day. You should outline before you write. No—you should draft before you plot.


But…should you? What do you really need to do to be successful?


Learn the technique that puts your career’s success back into your own hands, and gives you the power to be a happy writer with a career you can be proud of.

Dr. Write: Diagnosing Your Story

1 hr

Is your story broken? Does it fall short in the middle, fail to engage your readers, or deliver a less-than-satisfying ending?


Don’t write the eulogy just yet!


Take this class and in less than an hour, become a story doctor with the ability to diagnose, treat and strengthen your story.

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Book and Headphones

Voice Appeal:
How to Make the Best Impression

1 hr - workshop

Any agent worth their salt will tell you that one of the most important factors in selling your book is making sure it has a unique “voice.” 


But what does that even mean? And what can you do to make sure you have it?  


This class will answer those questions and give you the tools you need to develop your narrative voice and create unique character voices every single time. Deliver what agents and readers are looking for—“voice appeal.” 

Tighten Tension with the TRYcycle

1 hr

You know all about outlining and story development. You know exactly what your inciting incident is and every pinch point is accounted for. Check, check and check.


Then how come when you actually sit down to write, it feels no more exciting than moving a game piece from square to square on a board?


Because there’s so much more to your book than plot.


The TRYcycle is a simple technique you can use to create tension in the emotions, character relationships and transformations that create the story that moves your plot forward, producing a book readers simply can’t put down.

Team Portrait

How to Write Diverse Characters
& Why You Should

1 hr

Today’s literature world demands representation of diverse characters—from the color of their skin, to religious preferences, to sexuality and disability. You’ve heard you should write these characters, but unless you belong to the specific group, you shouldn’t. 


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