Cover Reveal for Den of Death!

I finally got up the nerve to finish Den of Death (Minnie Kim Vampire Girl #5) and got the manuscript off to my editor. Whew! This book required something of Minnie that took a lot of thought for me. I didn't want to disappoint you with a resolution that didn't feel right. I hope you like what I came up with!

After completing the book, I felt sure the series was over. I'd intended for there to be at least two more books in the Minnie Kim series, but...well, book 5 seemed to be the end of it. Until I worked through the revisions. Then I knew there had to be more. There will be more.

The unfortunate thing is that I can't tell you anything about it without ruining Den of Death for you! Gah! I wish everyone would hurry and read it so I can tell you all about what's coming next! (But of course I need to get it published, first!)

I guess in the meantime we'll all have to be satisfied with the unveiling of Den of Death and a pre-order priced just for my loyal fans. 💛

Minnie’s off to the City of Love to find Philo, but she might lose much more than her heart.

After discovering Philo is being held prisoner, Minnie jumps on a plane to Italy, only to realize she doesn’t have a clue where the Master’s lair might be. She connects with the local vampires in hopes they can lead her to the Master, only to find herself wrestling with the girl she’s always been, and the vampire she’s becoming. The road to find the love of her life is treacherous with unknown dangers around every corner, but none more than those that threaten her soul.