Deadly Sweethearts is Now Available!

I'm super stoked for you to read this newest installment in the Minnie Kim Vampire Girl series! I hope you love it!

What do a trio of faeries, a murder mystery, and a cruel vampire have to do with love? Everything, apparently...

Minnie’s got the perfect dress for her first Sweethearts dance, but Philo’s crazy ex-girlfriend comes to town and she wants him back. To make matters worse, there’s a murderer on the loose and Minnie’s the prime suspect. She’ll be lucky if she survives, let alone gets to the dance.

Meanwhile, the real murderer is on the loose. With the help of an unexpected ally in the Council of Vampires, Minnie might just clear her name and make it to the dance—if she can set aside her insecurities and embrace what makes her unique.

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