Desi Gets a Makeover

I hope you like the new look! I pretty much freakin' love it. :P Fingers crossed you do, too.

If you take a look around, you might notice that a few other things have changed, too namely the Desolation covers! In fact a little more than just the covers have changed, I've updated the interiors, too. I did some editing and some light revisions to improve the flow and bring the text up to modern times. It's amazing how eight years can date a novel.

I've been relaunching the trilogy this summer in an effort to boost visibility on Amazon, but the experience has turned out to be so much more than that.

Ever since I published Become back in 2011, I've felt...apologetic about it. I even had a signing one time when someone stopped by my table and asked me about the book. I actually found myself saying, "Well, it isn't for everyone..." Gah! Writers are supposed to love their work, aren't they? I mean, we spend countless hours slaving over them, putting our hearts and souls into them shouldn't we value them, even if no one else does? Not me, man! I really doubted the value of that book and the series in general.

Not anymore!

After reading through the series I can honestly say...I LOVE IT. The Desolation trilogy is awesome and I'm so proud of it. Would I do some things differently if I were to write the story today? Sure. Are there things I wish I could fix/change? Sure. But show me an artist who's created something who doesn't later wish he could change something. That's the nature of being creative. Anyway, I hope Desi can gain some viewers through this endeavor, but regardless, I'm very glad I did it.

I love Desi and all she represents to me, both personally and professionally and that makes me supremely happy!