Flash: Bloody Omens

I totally meant to write something here other than flash fiction. I really did! But I'm trying to finish a book, and there have been a lot of doctor visits and I haven't been feeling well and, and, and. I'm sure you know the drill. But at least I can write a bit of flash fiction for ya. This is another one from Desi's world. Hope you like it! <3


Prompt: The crescent moon was blood red Word Count: 244

Michael wrapped his arms around my waist. I’d been staring up into the night sky for the last few minutes. The crescent moon was blood red. Between that and the dire warning Miri had just delivered, I wasn’t feeling too good about things.

“What did she say?” His deep rumbling voice near my ear made me shiver. Weird how I could feel both comfort and fear in the same moment.

“Omens.” I pointed at the moon. “And that danger was coming.”

“We knew that.”

I turned in his arms, my back against the balcony railing. “We did?”

He shrugged, meeting my worried gaze with his steady one. His voice was soft when he answered, “The gods are restless, fickle creatures. You remember how things were on Asgard. Peace was always temporary.”

I sighed and leaned my head against his chest. “I guess. I just thought things would be different now.”

“Because you’re the Guardian of Midgard?”

I shrugged. It seemed silly when he said it, but I guess, deep down, I really did think things would be different.

“Des.” Michael tucked a finger beneath my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. “You’re untried. New to your powers. Of course they’re going to test you.”

“Couldn’t they just take my word for it? Or Odin’s?” I smiled hopefully, but I knew he was right. I couldn’t ignore the warnings. The crescent moon was just the first. Two more, and we would be at war.


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