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Flash: I Couldn't Say Goodbye

I always think I'm going to write more during the week, yet here we are a week later and it's time for #WednesdayWords again! Since it might be all you get for another week, I didn't want to miss out. Can you believe that I don't have my Christmas tree up? Or anything but a wreath on my door? Oh, my husband and sons put up the outside lights, but INSIDE? Nothin'. I'm feeling super lame this year. There's been a lot of illness going on, David's been traveling, and well, life, ya know?

Writing has been "okay." I say okay, because it hasn't been stellar, but not exactly meh, either. But I have plans and expectations on myself, so I know it's time to get on the stick. (I just realized that while I thought I knew what that idiom meant, I wasn't positive, so I had to look it up--it comes from the car driving days of the early 1900's and means to "get busy" or to "get down to work." Which is what I need to do.)

Well, enough of that. Time to get on with the #flashfiction, "I Couldn't Say Goodbye."

Prompt: The ocean was my greatest betrayer Word Count: 242

“Come on.” Aaron tugged me along the sandy path toward the beach. “It’ll be fun.”

I’d argued against coming here for the last hour. I’d argued against it last week when he announced he wanted to come here on spring break.

I can’t swim, I’d said. Lie.

I don’t like the sand. Another lie.

I’m afraid of the ocean.

“You’re silly.” He’d pulled me down onto the couch. “We don’t have to swim. I’ll be right there with you the whole time—there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

But there was. That was the one truth out of all the lies I’d told him.

He’d kissed me then, and I’d tasted love and belonging and home. “We don’t have to stay long.” He traced his nose alongside mine, and I sighed, knowing I would go even though it would end…well, everything.

He led me to a spot on the beach near a large boulder I knew well. He drew me near, rubbing my arms. He mistook my shivering for cold.

The waves roared and crashed at my feet and I danced away. I couldn’t let it touch me—I just couldn’t.

“Ari.” Aaron cupped my face.

I felt the rush, the call like thunder, as it drew near.

“I love—” Phin’s eyes grew wide as they rose up, spying something behind me.

The water crashed over me, sweeping me away from my love, reclaiming me. The ocean was my greatest betrayer.

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