Flash: My Boyfriend is an Alien

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Gah! At least I finally got ornaments on the tree last night. :P

I super enjoyed writing this week's bit of #flashfiction. It was hard to pare it down because I had to cut some really fun lines, but hey--that's what flash is all about. How to say the most in the least amount of words. For any of you writers out there, this is how I write flash: I write a micro-story--usually the first draft is 300-320 words. Then I start paring it down. It's really as simple (and as hard!) as that. You should give it a try! We'd love to have you join our little circle!

So, without further ado, here you go...all about the time I dated an alien.

Prompt: Don't be scared. I need you to come with me.

Word Count: 242


Mark hugged me when the door burst open and the alien caught the girl. I didn’t care how girly I seemed—it was an excuse to snuggle in Mark’s strong arms. The way his low chuckle rumbled through him and into me, was delicious.

Plus, this movie was scary.

Despite the non-stop screams, I felt myself slipping into sleep.

“That alien’s so fake,” Mark muttered. “If they saw me, they’d freak.”

Ha, I thought sleepily. As if. Mark’s the cutest guy in school.

Something tugged on my hair and I stirred. I woke to a weird snuffling sound and found myself peering up—not into Mark’s warm brown eyes—but into the cherry-red eyes of a monster. It jerked back when our eyes met and a clump of my hair tore free—caught inside its short, elephant-like trunk. It grinned with a double row of tiny, pointed teeth.

It screeched.

And I screamed a scream that would make any TV Scream Queen proud. The thing was wearing Mark’s clothes—down to the red Chucks on its feet.


It shrugged and made a chuckling/huffing sound as it lunged toward me.

Someone banged on the front door. A second later, it burst open and two men rushed in. Total Men in Black style.

“Don't be scared, miss,” said MIB1. “I need you to come with me.”

MIB2 shot a giant gun at Mark-not-Mark, and a blaze of white light burned my retinas before I…

Wait. What was I saying?


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