Flash: The Lost Boy

Dragon Protocol is finished! And I had a fun and exciting time at the pitch conference this weekend. Now, I'm on to Blood Moon, Minnie Kim 4! To celebrate, here's a little flash from Minnie's world.


Prompt: You shouldn't have heard that

Word Count: 250

I stood in Philo’s room. Needing him.

He wasn’t there.

He hadn’t been for weeks.

He’d never be back.

I held his cashmere sweater as I curled into the overstuffed reading chair, a precarious stack of books nearby. The top book was a romance, which made me smile.

I tried to read it, but the room was too quiet. Too empty, when it used to feel so full of Philo’s presence. It was starting to feel like a tomb. A museum. An altar to the boy I’d loved and lost.

Out of the quiet, I heard voices from the downstairs foyer. I focused my hearing on the conversation.

“You cannot go to him. Not while he is so angry,” Manuella said.

“I’ll put him off for as long as I can, but I can’t refuse much longer. He’s my Master.” David’s voice sounded tight with concern.

“I cannot lose you, like we lost Philomon.”

“I know. But despite what we’ve been told, I still feel him, and it doesn’t feel like death.”

I dropped the book and sped to the landing, looking down on Manuella and David.

“Is he alive?” My voice rang with hysteric hope.

“Minnie,” David said. “You shouldn't have heard that.”

“No,” Manuella added. “He cannot be. Not after what—”

David tucked Manuella against his side. “I’m sorry, Minnie.”

A fat, bloody tear fell from my face onto the pristine white carpeting. Would I ever stop missing him? I knew I would never, ever, forget him.


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