Flash: Vampires, Dragons, and...Santa?

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, I have a little Minnie Kim short for ya! I hope you enjoy this bit of #flashfiction and have a very wonderful, happy holiday!


Prompt: I won't lie to you

Word Count: 249

Manuella invited me to dinner herself, saying there was nothing better than family to heal a hurting heart.

At least she hadn’t put Sang-Hyeok in Philo’s spot.

Then again, was it really any better to see that gap between Jack and our newfound, long-lost brother?

I pushed the peas around my plate.

“You must eat,” Mrs. Hamburg said with an elbow jab that nearly knocked me off my chair. I shoveled in a forkful to avoid further bodily harm.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the conversation, but when Sang said, “Kris Kringle,” I couldn’t help myself.

“I’ve never met him.” Siobhan waved her fork in the air while she chewed. “I have to admit, I’m a little excited about the prospect.”

“Ach,” Mrs. Hamburg said/spat. “He is full of himself. As if everyone is expected to love him because of what he does.” She snorted and began sawing her pork chop with vigor.


I leaned forward, the pain over Philo’s death forgotten for the moment. “Are you guys talking about Santa? He’s real, too?”

Everyone laughed. Even Mrs. Hamburg. Yeah, yeah. It was hilarious how much I didn’t know about this crazy world I lived in now.

Hamish leaned forward so he could see me from the other end of the table. “Ya know I would’na lie to ya, lass. Santa—Kris Kringle—is most definitely real.”

I slouched back in my chair. Vampires, unicorns, faeries, dragons, and Santa. At least this world would never be boring.


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