Flash: When Peace Ends

Whew! I nearly missed getting this in today! Yesterday was crazy! But here I am, and though I'm a little late, I think you'll enjoy this bit of flash from the world of Desolation. :)


Prompt: It had to be done

Word Count: 246

James tightened his embrace, giving comfort where words never could. Occasional shivers coursed through my body as it struggled to accept that the things I’d seen weren’t actually happening. Not now. Not yet.

But they would.

And soon.

James kissed the top of my head. “We’ve had a good run, Bright Eyes. We knew it couldn’t last.”

“I didn’t know that.” And yes, I sounded like a petulant child, but I didn’t care. I hadn’t had a vision for almost a year. “Desi’s official. She’s the freakin’ Guardian of Earth. She’s a god. I kinda hoped that would be the end of all the trouble.”

“I know,” James murmured. I heard what he didn’t say. I felt it. He knew this peace couldn’t last. He’d been to Helheimer, after all. And even though he claimed he didn’t remember everything, he had his own nightmares. He remembered more than he admitted.

The gods were never satisfied with peace. The past couple years had taught me that.

And last night the Norns had visited, giving one of their cryptic prophecies before disappearing.

Then I had the dream. The dream in which Desi was covered with blood and one of her wings was practically shredded to bits and Michael lay on the ground and…

Another shiver rocked me.

James slipped my phone under my hand. He was right. It had to be done.

“Miri?” Desi said when she answered.

“Hey, Des.” I closed my eyes, bracing myself. “It’s time.”


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