How to Write a Book Review in 3 Easy Steps

Ages ago, a friend of mine asked if I'd write a how-to article about writing book reviews. I started working on that article "ages ago," but like I often do, I made it wayyyy too complicated. Which is weird, because I generally don't like complicated. Anyway, the other day I noticed that Canva had infographic templates and I was like, hey, I wanna try that, but...what do I have to put on a graphic like that? And then it hit me! So I bring you, Ali's guide to writing an awesome book review.

And notice how simple it is? At least I think it's simple.

In fact, I should write a review of the last book I read, so let me practice what I preach, shall I?

Book: The Bone Ships

Author: R.J. Barker

I enjoyed so much in this book, but probably enjoyed the voice and style most of all. It was so rich with the culture and world of life on the bone ships.

I'd recommend the book to pretty much anyone

young and old would enjoy it, I think. If you love books that really take you away to another world and immerse you so deeply, you find yourself talking like the characters than in the book, then this book is for you. Eee, it is. (I actually listened to it on Audible, so I'm not sure how this word was spelled. O_o)

It was absolutely worth the price of a credit. The narrator was Fan.Tas.Tic and I'll definitely be listening to the next book in the series!

I hope this helps, and you all become like bookish cherubs, going around sharing the book love! (Remember, reviews are the biggest contributor to whether or not someone will buy a book—if you love an author's work, then please leave a review! If you love me, please, please leave them! My books are desperate for some love. 💛