Just Another Identity Crisis

Good golly, I'm at it again. I obviously have a problem with identity.

Did you know my birth name was Sandra? Yep. Changed my name when I immigrated to the US. But I was also called Sandi (friends), Sunny (my mom), and George (my sister, some other family members).

Even when I changed my name to Alexandra, I've gone by Alexandra, Alex, and Ali.

And now with my brand identity. Gah! Why can't I just decide and be one thing? I actually "know" a lot about my brand, and about branding in general, but when it comes to applying it to me—I'm never satisfied. Maybe it's one of those "joke's on me" kinda things.

Anyway, the point is, I'm redoing my look with new logos and site and alllll that jazz, so you've been warned!

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