The Characters of the Grey Guard

I spent the last couple days writing you this totally boring post about how I've changed the way I create my characters. Seriously. It was a snore fest. I think the point of the whole thing was to say that I know the characters in this new book so much better than I've known any character before. Usually I know the main character really well, but that's about it. This time, though...things are different!

So far, the cast of the Grey Guard includes:

Eleanora. She's the daughter of the Order of the Grey Guard's Grand Master, a position that is inherited, even by a woman. Her parents died in a carriage accident when she was ten, and she became the ward of Lord Bedford, who she has never met. Beginning on her eleventh birthday, she received the gift of a new tutor who stayed with her for a year, before being replaced by someone new.

William. He was twenty when his father died in the same carriage accident as Eleanora's parents. He is Lord Bedford now and the Merlin of the Grey Guard. As a direct descendent of the original Merlin, he has magic, but he had no clue how to be a young girl's guardian—especially when he had a whole Order to lead.

Then there's Mary, Eleanora's maid and best friend, and her governess, Miss Ann Skeffington.

Livingston, William's valet, who promised to serve Merlin when he saved his life hundreds of years ago, and even though the Merlins die, Livingston lives on and continues to serve.

Then there's William's mother, the eccentric Lady Beatrice Bedford and her companion, Phillipa.

There are gods and God; magic and monsters, and realms beyond our own.

I've got it all planned out; now let's see if I can write it!

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