The Wonder of New Beginnings

I went to the Snake River Writer's conference a couple weeks ago in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was the first time this conference had been held and as I tried to talk with as many people as possible, I learned that it was the first time that most of these writers had been able to attend any kind of writer's conference. I was set to teach them the Save the Cat story planning method, and I can't tell you what a thrill it gave me to know that I was going to be a part of teaching this group of people the first things they would ever learn about writing. More than that, it was my opportunity to give them a great learning experience, too.

But there's something so wonderful about being in a room filled with all that creative, unfettered energy.

You can feel it at any creative event, but there's something special about the beginning of a journey. There's a unique energy, full of hope and determination.

I'm kind of at the beginning of a journey, myself. I'm making a concerted effort to write a book that I can pitch, and then sell, for publication in the traditional book market. I started my book journey with that goal in mind, but for the last eight years I've been focused on self-publishing.

I like self-publishing. I like the creative control, the freedom, the work. But I'd also really like to experience the traditional route, as well. I'll tell you more about the project I chose to work on in the weeks ahead.

I'm feeling that energy, though, folks. I am determined. And I am hopeful!


The Gathering

Another "new" thing for me is coming up! The Gathering - an event for lovers of vampire (and dark paranormal) books! Not only does this event celebrate the books, but the authors as well. Authors that I love and admire.

And this year, I'm included in their lineup!

I have this chance because of a reader, a fan. She contacted I Love Vampire Novels to tell them I should be a part of their event—and they agreed! I still can hardly believe it. I tell you, the power of a fan, of one person, can change an author's life. I am very grateful to Tommi for believing in me and for going the extra mile. <3

Come check out the event—it starts October 15th! Just click on the image!

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