With a wannabe dragon nagging her and a deadly enemy stalking her, Minnie might not even survive her summer in Seoul.


Minnie Kim's leaving Philo for the summer to vacation in Seoul, Korea with her parents. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to them, especially her appa, that she’s the same girl she was before she became vampire—just with better stamina and faster reflexes.


Little does she know her dad has a plan of his own. His brother’s family is being haunted by the ghosts of their ancestors and he thinks perhaps Minnie, being mostly dead herself, can help put their ancestors to rest.


But of course nothing is ever as easy as it sounds and her restless ancestors are the least of Minnie’s problems. There’s an imugi greedily hoarding a pearl of power in her family’s garden and the pearl has attracted the unwanted attention of all kinds of nasties—including one enemy who would stop at nothing to destroy Minnie and everyone she loves.

Seoul Demon (Minnie Kim Vampire Girl #3)

  • 5.25x8"
    372 pages

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