Sometimes, a person is given so much experience, so many opportunities to learn, to fail, to try again, and to overcome, that there's really one thing to be done with it all: Share your story. Ali's favorite topics to speak on follow the theme of faith over fear, and her own TRYcycle theory.

Do you have a specific theme in mind? Ali's more than happy to develop a presentation just for your group, on the topic that's important to you. 

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The Power of Believing

Suitable for all ages, but more powerful if delivered to one age group at a time.

1 hr

Faith—whether it's in a Higher Power, the Universe, or in one's Self, is a necessary ingredient to not only making it through the trials of life but to enjoying every day in spite of them. Using experiences from her own life and notable examples from history, Ali weaves the moral into a story-like talk that captivates, moves and, ultimately, inspires the listener to have more faith in their own life.


Suitable for all ages, but more powerful if delivered to one age group at a time.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities, but how do we know when to grab hold and hang on, or when to let go? How can we recognize the opportunities from the stumbling blocks? Since her Mom passed away when Ali was a teenager, she's been learning how to answer these questions. With wisdom learned, in part, from the children's animated series The Land Before Time, Ali will share what she's learned, leaving the listener feeling encouraged and capable.

Reaching Out to the Sun

1 hr

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The TRYcycle

1 hr

Expounding upon the T.R.Y theory, the TRYcycle helps the individual identify and understand their own patterns in life. During this thought-provoking presentation, the listener will learn what it means to be a risk-taker and a refuge-seeker and which one they tend to be. Understanding brings enlightenment, and listeners will leave armed with the necessary tools to change the trajectory of their life.

Suitable for adults or older youth.


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