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I Know Your Secrets

Or rather, I know who does. ツ There are a lot of personality tests out there, and you can glean a lot of information from them. But there's always the best thing, and in my books, that's the Clifton Gallup Strengths test.

What I love about this test, is that it tests your attributes across four domains: Influencing, Executing, Strategic Thinking, and Relationship Building. Your results will help you in all aspects of your life. Imagine focusing on those things that you're already innately good at. You'll actually enjoy becoming your best self. You can "level up" so much faster this way and with immense personal and career satisfaction.

When you get your results, you'll be tempted to read them and leave it at that. But I encourage you to go deeper. Gallup uses the phrase, "Name it, claim it, aim it."

Name it: Know your Strengths. Be able to recognize the hallmarks of those Strengths in your life. The more you practice this, the better you'll get.

Claim it: Acknowledge both the good and bad ways that Strength shows up in your life. Take ownership of it. There's no point in denial here—not if you're serious about finding your true alignment in your life.

Aim it: Now that you know your Strengths and what they look like—both good and bad—it's time to use them for your benefit. Do you mostly see the negative aspects of that Strength? Naming and claiming them can help you work through those pesky behaviors (we all have them!) and strengthen your positive attributes to the max.

It's a process, not an overnight miracle—though I'm confident you'll feel better about yourself from the moment you read your results. Can you tell I'm a giant fan of the Gallup Strengths? ツ

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