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Rock Your Body

I've got a word for you curvy girls out there (or guys, whatever). A bit of fashion advice, if you will.

Now, I am certainly no fashionista, but some things are so true, even I can figure them out.

Recently, I ordered some clothes online from the junior section of the store. (Those clothes are cuter than the women's, IMHO.) I got a few plus-sized short dresses/tunics (to be worn over capris leggings - it's pretty much my style to wear in the summer.) When they arrived, I tried them all on and was happy that I loved all but one.

I mean, they were kind of shapeless, but that's how those dresses are supposed to be, right?, I looked fat.

Don't get me wrong, I totally know I'm fat and I'm okay with that. I am fully aware of why I'm fat and why I'll likely continue to be fat for the rest of my life. I'm comfortable in my body. This conversation isn't about that. It's about the clothes I bought and how I expected myself to look.

I slept on it, and when I woke I realized the problem: The clothes were too big. Like, really big. The necklines were sloppy, and the armpits wide and saggy. I thought I needed those things in order to accommodate my stomach and hips, but in the morning I realized the reason they didn't look as good as I expected, was because they were too big.

I went to the store (in person this time) and went down in size. Tried on the dresses—and discovered how they were supposed to look. How I am supposed to look.

And let me tell you, I look so much better in clothes that fit me—even if they show my chub—than in clothes that are too big.

I googled the topic to see if there were experts who'd written about it, and found so much on the subject that I know I'm right! Ha!

Next time you're in the market for some new clothes, take it from me—don't just reach for the size you know will fit you (i.e. because it's a size larger than what you normally wear), try on your real size. Let the world see you, the person, wearing clothes that suit you, instead of something so big, not only can others not appreciate your style, but they can't appreciate you.

p.s. Check out this article about some awesome plus-sized women who love themselves and their bodies.

p.s.s. If this post has you singing "Rock Your Body," well, join the club! I'm singing it, too! So here you go...

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