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You found me! I'd give you a cookie, if I could. Or an awkward hug. I'm particularly excellent at those. =^.^=

Some other awkward things about me include: ♡ I'm a chronic over-user of text emojis.

♡ I'm bound to say something I wish I hadn't in every conversation.

♡ I regularly take on projects I can't sustain because of my health.

♡ I want to help everyone I meet, and literally wrack my brain for things to offer.

♡ I want everyone to be my friend. 

I'm working on being less awkward, I swear. But if I eliminated all my awkwardness, then I'd cease being endearing and noone wants that. :Þ

I'm also very glad you're here. :) Leave a comment! Hit me up in the chat! Send me a message! I'd love to meet you. And become friends. ;)

I'm an Author

I don't do signings very often, but when I do, you can bet your booties it's a hotbed for awkward ali moments. I might forget what my book's about if you ask me. Or who the main characters are. I'm almost certain to forget the name of the planet, university, or vampire guild. 

But we have a laugh, so that's somethin'! 

And my books are pretty awesome. And I only feel a teensy bit awkward saying that.

I started out writing middle grade, but don't do that anymore--though you can still find two of the books available online. Then I moved to young adult, which is what I mostly write. I've also dabbled a bit in Christian romance. As of this writing, I'm working on my first nonfiction book for writers with chronic illness. 

Check out the Books tab above for all my current offerings!


I'm a Wife & Mom

Man, can I tell you some amazing stories about my family life!

Like how my husband I knew we were meant for each other with a handshake and didn't date, hold hands or kiss until 8 days before our wedding.

Or how when we did in vitro fertilization, our doctor told us the procedure was likely unsuccessful. And the embryos didn't implant for two weeks, which shouldn't be possible. Yet, we were pregnant with twins. Even more miraculous than that was that, despite seven previous miscarriages, Charlie and Xander were born at a respectable 35 weeks, whole and sound.

My greatest mission, and greatest joy, in life is the daily dedication to faith in God, and love and devotion to my family. Whatever else I might wish to achieve with my life, when it all comes down to it what I really want is for the people in my life to know that I love them. To have FELT my love for them.

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