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The Magic of Music

I should be writing right now, but instead, I'm thinking about music. Specifically, the P O W E R of music.

Is there any other artform that has such complete mastery of its form that it can move a person—emotionally, physically, even temporally? I don't think so. Music is modern day magic.

The drums pulse and roll and you are captured, as surely as if the conductor has grasped your heart in his hands.

The horns sound a clarion call and your mind is captured, your attention unbroken as you wait...

With unerring accuracy the strings take hold of your muscles, your tendons, even your memories and sight as your eyelids droop closed. And then, you move.

In your mind you see battlefields and wide green pastures, mountain peaks and deepest oceans. And you feel.

Oh, how we feel.

Every artist wishes to invoke that ultimate magic—to share their heart with another—but I am envious of the composer who can do that like no other.

Your canvas may touch the mind and heart. My story may touch the mind and heart.

But it's the composer who transports us, body and soul, to experience. To live, even if just for a moment, in that magician's world.

Moved by the music of "Celtic Radio" in Pandora.

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