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I Love Myself

Growing up, my Mom hated getting pictures taken of herself. As a result, we have a lot of photos of her asleep on the couch. I determined that I would not avoid photos no matter what. That was all well and good when I was tiny, but as I put on more weight, I started to understand where my mom was coming from.

I’ve done a lot of work to accept myself, to even love myself, but recently I had a bit of a set-back.

At a conference in February, I was in one group photo, and it happened to be with the Great Brandon Sanderson, so of course it was shared all over the internet. And I...I was mortified.

That day, I actually felt kind of cute, too. But the

I spent a day feeling really bad about myself, before my Activator and Self Assurance kicked in (remember my obsession with Gallup Clifton Strengths?) and I DID A THING.

Today was Day 57.

I've already gotten used to seeing photos of myself filling up my feed (which is weird) and I'm learning some good techniques to stand and smile to de-emphasize my least favorite features. Also...maybe I need to rethink my conference attire.

(Remind me I have a whole thing to talk to you about regarding public personas!)

If you're struggling to love yourself, maybe you'll consider joining me. I'd love to have company! Be sure to check back in a couple days because I have something epic coming that will feel good, too.

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