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Showing Love

How do you show the people you love that you care about them?

Years ago The Five Love Languages was all the rage, and my friends and I read and discussed it at length. I think I need to re-read it because it's been a long time, and maybe I've changed. :) If I remember right, mine was quality time and/or service, and David's was touch. I don't think his has changed!

The thing is, do we show love the way we want to be loved? Or the way they want to be loved?

I show Charlie I love him by being interested in him; doing small things (like folding his laundry); asking him questions and encouraging him to find his path in life. Problem is, it feels a lot like nagging. I think he knows it's love (we've talked about it), but still. I wish I knew how to love this boy better.

It's always been a little easier to show Xan I love him because his personality type is more communicative. I show him I love him by listening to him when he talks; driving him to all the places; sharing cute/funny videos; and encouraging him. There's a little nagging there, too, but I know he knows it's love.

I show David I love him by asking him questions and being there for him. I try to give him the affection, the physical touch he needs, but it's not natural to me, so sometimes I forget. Things are always better between us when I remember how much he needs that touch.

I think it's always about how I want to show love, not so much how they want to be loved. I wonder if that's something I can improve on, if it's a learned thing, or if I'm just the way I am and that's that.

Hmm. Even typing that, I know that's not right. There's always time to change. Always a way to grow if you want it enough. And you know? We can always ask our loved ones how they want to be loved. Sounds weird, but it could be a really great conversation.

David and I have had that conversation many times, but I'm not sure I've asked the boys. I think I'll do that today.

What about you? How do you show your love? Do you save it up for grand gestures? Or do you show it in the little things?

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